The Los Angeles area has many airports. These are the closest, which is still a bit of a drive. In Los Angeles terms, the approximate drive times are listed below, if you rent a car or take a taxi or Uber.

Burbank: 25-35 minutes
LAX: 40-60 minutes
Long Beach: 40-60 minutes

(John Wayne Airport in Orange County is also possible, but it’s probably an hour or more drive). 

Transportation To and From the Airports


It is possible to take the Metrorail from various airports very inexpensively, but it can take quite a bit of time. You will need to take a shuttle from the airports to the Metro stations. One-way fair is $1.75.

From Burbank: You'll need to take a bus (or two) to the North Hollywood Metro station, then take the Metro B Line (Red) to downtown (estimated time: 80 minutes).
From LAX: Take the Green Line, then the Metro A Line (Blue) to downtown (estimated time: 90 minutes).
From Long Beach: Take a bus to the Willow St. Station, then take the Metro A Line (Blue) to downtown (estimated time: 90 minutes).

Exit at the 7th Street / Metro Center station, and walk 6 minutes to the hotel.

Flyaway Bus

The Flyaway Bus is the easiest and quickest way to downtown because the buses can use express lanes. This is an express bus between LAX and Union Station train station. Tickets are $9.75 one way. Once you arrive at Union Station, you can take the Metro B Line (Red) or Metro D Line (Purple) on the Metrorail to 7th Street / Metro Center station, just three stops away. From there, it's a 6-minute walk to the hotel. You could also take a taxi or Uber to the hotel from Union Station, which is about a 10-minute ride.


Amtrak trains run to the historic Union Station in downtown Los Angeles. From there, you can take the Metrorail (see Flyaway Bus, above) or taxi/Uber.

Getting Around Los Angeles

Everything in Los Angeles is a drive! Our hotel is in downtown Los Angeles, so if you want to go to places like Hollywood, Universal Studios, or the beach, you need to leave yourself some time for travel. Below are suggestions on how to get to various conference activities. All times are estimations. These can change depending on time of day and traffic.

Thursday Activities

Warner Brothers Studio Tour: If you've booked this tour, it's best to take an Uber or taxi. There really is no other way to get there easily. Allow at least 30-40 minutes to get there, depending on traffic.

Hollywood Attractions: For other Hollywood activities, like the Dolby Theatre tour, the Walk of Fame, the Hollywood Museum, the Hollywood Bowl or the Hollywood Pantages Theatre, you could take the Metrorail. The closest Metro station to the hotel is the 7th Street / Metro Center station, about a 6-minute walk. Take the Red Line toward North Hollywood. Allow 30-45 minutes.

  • For Dolby Theatre, Walk of Fame, Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Museum, exit at Hollywood and Highland station. All of these places are a half block away. Allow 30-45 minutes.
  • If you’re going to the Pantages Theatre for Jagged Little Pill, exit at the Vine Street station. The theatre is directly across the street. Allow 30-45 minutes.
  • For the Hollywood Bowl, exit Hollywood and Highland Station. From there, you would walk north on Highland Avenue to the bowl, which is .7 miles, or about a 20-minute walk. You could also take an Uber from Hollywood and Highland if you don’t want to walk the last bit. Allow 30-45 minutes for Metrorail.
Theatre Excursions: An Uber or taxi is easiest. Embark in groups if you choose to walk. 
  • The Ahmanson Theatre, the Taper, and Disney Hall are all short drives or walks. It’s .7 miles from the hotel, or about a 7-minute drive or a 20-minute walk.
  • David Henry Hwang Theatre (home to East/West Players) is about 1.3 miles away, about a 10-minute drive or 25-minute walk. 
  • The Getty Villa is about a 45 to 60-minute drive. 
  • The Hollywood Pantages Theatre can be reached by Metrorail. Enter at the 7th Street / Metro Center station and take the Metro B Line (Red) toward North Hollywood. Exit at the Vine Street station. The theatre is directly across the street. Allow 30-45 minutes.