Research Roundtables

To move the field forward and reflect innovation in research, practice, and dissemination, TEC will host research-in-progress roundtables featuring innovation in theatre education, drama, youth theatre, and theatre/drama pedagogy.

Researchers will discuss their work and engage with others to strengthen their practice and scholarship. An accomplished arts education researcher will facilitate each roundtable, with three to five research presenters per session to maximize interaction and feedback opportunities.


Teacher Action Research in Theatre Education

Learn how conducting your own research can invigorate and inform your work. Teacher research is a powerful tool for professional learning, with the potential to enhance and improve teaching and learning and increase teacher motivation and confidence. In this informative session, teacher researchers will share the results of action research in their classrooms along with a model for demonstrating how to choose a research inquiry question and use this wondering to improve your practice. 

Innovation in Theatre Education (2 Sessions)

Come hear cutting-edge ideas about models, methods, ideas, and products that integrate something new and/or radically reimagine to improve teaching and learning in theatre. Invited researchers will present a wide range of research on innovation in theatre education, drama, and theatre for youth. Diverse practitioners, scholars, and educators will be on hand to discuss their work and engage with their peers and the audience.